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The Phytomer range of skincare products come from Brittany in France, where they are manufactured using marine and algae products, sourced sustainably and incorporating the company’s patented Oligomer seawater concentrate. As we learn more about nutritional medicine and the effect of age related changes on trace mineral and vitamin absorption from our intestinal system, it’s interesting to note how treatments including nutritional supplements such as Oligomer are having a growing role to play in our wellbeing. Oligomer contains all 104 mineral trace elements required by our body, and skin, and therefore assists in strengthening and enhancing the normal skin function. While most Phytomer products contain Oligomer in a topical preparation, there are also oral supplements of Oligomer available, containing freeze dried powder for those interested in working from within.

Skin Temple focuses on the products in the Phytomer range most devoted to the care of sensitive and irritated skin..even hypoallergenic skins can find a product to suit!

We have 2 different relaxation facials (Sensitive Skin Facial and Seed Pearl Facial) that incorporate Phytomer out for some very special professional only products such as Self-Heating Marine Mud masks for the face and back in the Seed Pearl Facial which have to be experienced to be believed, as thousands of micro-bubbles delicately caress your skin!

Popular for use in those undergoing laser treatment for rosacea or broken capillary removal, the Phytomer Sensitive Skin facial can be purchased separately, or enjoyed as part of a Laser Rejuvenation package. Our friendly staff can help to guide you through the decision making process of deciding which range and course of treatment is most suitable for your skin condition, but please note that those with medical skin concerns will require an initial consultation and assessment with Dr Teska.

Cleanse & Tone (all skin types)

  • Perfect Visage- Gentle Cleansing Milk
  • Doux Visage- Velvet Cleansing Cream
  • Rosee Visage- Toning Cleansing Lotion
  • Peeling Vegetal- Vegetal Exfoliant with natural enzymes

Soothe (Sensitive Skin and Redness)

  • Douceur Marine- Velvety Soothing Cream
  • Douceur Marine- Soothing Cocoon Mask
  • Oligoforce- Purifying Serum

Soothe (Intolerant and Reactive Skin)

  • Accept- Neutralising Cleanser
  • Accept- Neutralizing Cream
  • Accept- Desensitizing Mask

Moisturise (Normal to Very Dry Skin)

  • Hydracontinue- Comforting Toning Lotion
  • Hydracontinue- Moisturising Base Skin Cream
  • Hydracontinue- Instant Moisture Cream
  • Hydracontinue- Hydra-nourishing Serum
  • Rich Thermo-Protective Cream- great for those who work or play outdoors and require maximal protection from cold drying wind.

Care for Eye and Lip Contours

  • Lift Contour- Intensive Eye and Lip Care

Oxygenate (all skin types)

  • Souffle Marin- Marin Breeze Energizing Oxygenating Serum

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