Skin Temple Medi Clinic & Spa is the trading name of Victorian Cosmedic Service Pty Ltd, a company owned and operated by experienced cosmetic physicianDr. Alicia Teska. Victorian Cosmedic Service was formed in 2002 and has provided expert cosmetic medical care to thousands of people since then. Dr Teska has an unblemished insurance record of 22years and takes much pride in specialising in outcomes that enhance a client’s natural features, so you can be sure that you will still look like yourself, only better!

Our clients come from all walks of life.Some are very well known identities. Many are professionals in the corporate world and many others have diverse backgrounds and stories to tell. Dr Teska is honoured by the trust shown in her judgement and skills by her patients and their referring doctors.There are also many very discerning legal and medical specialists, including some plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians and vascular surgeons who attend Skin Temple and we value the respect they have shown by choosing us to be their service provider.

After providing personalised professional care to people across Australia and internationally, it became clear to Dr. Teska that people with busy stressful lives also needed a service that made them feel relaxed, not just to look more relaxed.

The relocation in 2010 and expansion of the business, renamed and uniquely identified (at least for the time being!) as Skin Temple, allowed for the inclusion of a luxurious hammam area and was a culmination of research over the previous 8 years. Our goal was to provide a centre of Cosmetic Medicine and Oriental Spa excellence, based on complete relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration, and our extensive services offered did just that!

Launched in June 2010, Skin Temple Medi Clinic & Spa won the inaugural award from the Australasian Spa Association (ASpa) for Best MediSpa 2011. In 2012 and 2013, we were runners-up in that category, and winners in the category of Best Spa Experience 2012.

We were absolutely thrilled to receive those awards but subsequently closed our spa area in 2017 after dealing with co-ordinated staff fraud, theft and hacking. The spa will one day be reopened, in a reduced capacity, but we are focusing our efforts on medical procedures only at this time.

Please take some time to look through our detailed website. We don’t pretend to have the most technologically complicated site, and have deliberately kept the format simple to navigate through, with clear and concise information on the range of treatments, products and services available. Our mission is to educate our clients, not overwhelm with confusing detail, but to guide them where necessary towards a safe and effective outcome that is within their budget as much as possible, whilst providing a service that puts customer service and clear communication at the core of our business philosophy. We know that by doing this, our clients place enormous trust in us, and we are mindful that this relationship is a long term one and that client needs will change over time and circumstances.

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