Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing at Skin Temple can be performed in a number of ways, enabling us to customise your procedure based on your unique skintype, skin problems, anticipated results, and expected downtime.

For example, for those who don’t want any downtime, non-ablative resurfacing with our Laser Genesis is available.

Laser Genesis is most suitable for those with diffuse redness in the skin, and also helps with dilated pores and roughened texture.

For those seeking an improvement in texture AND pigmentation, a more aggressive semi-ablative resurfacing technique is required.  For this procedure, we use the PEARL laser.

And finally, for those seeking an improvement in wrinkles, lines, scarring, texture and pigmentation, we use the Ultrapulse Deep FX.  The Ultrapulse Deep FX is an example of a fractionated CO2 laser, and is the most studied fractional CO2 laser in the world.  Sometimes, we actually use a COMBINATION of lasers, to achieve a dramatic improvement in all skin parameters.

Why choose Skin Temple as your service provider?

Skin Temple is owned by an experienced female cosmetic physician, Dr Alicia Teska, with 13years of clinical cosmetic experience, including working with a cosmetic dermatologist.  Dr Teska has also completed post-graduate studies in the field of Dermatology, gaining a Certificate in Dermatology from Monash University in 2005.  All cosmetic injectable and laser procedures done at Skin Temple are performed only by trained, insured and experienced medical practitioners.

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