Collagen Stimulators,including the liquid facelift

Thankfully, there is now a choice about whether you want an instant result or a more gradual result.

Most dermal fillers work instantly, drawing in water molecules to plump up and hydrate skin. Think of them as internal moisturisers.

Another very popular option for women (and men!) seeking to put back some lost facial volume is to use an injectable liquid product that stimulates the body’s own collagen production:

Collagen Stimulators

This procedure has become increasingly popular, especially amongst female dermatologists in the USA, for reasons of being gradual, subtle and giving a very natural look, which is perfect for the older client seeking a long lasting result that will last up to 3years. Used mainly in the temples, mid face, jawline and chin, it is a wonderful way to look like you’ve put on weight in the face, without having to see it in your body too. Unless you’re after a bigger booty, that is!  We now offer collagen stimulator treatments to create a non surgical liquid butt lift too!

Although patients will experience an instant change in their appearance following a collagen stimulator treatment, the instant effect is only a temporary change. The real result is typically seen within 4-6 months, but can take up to 12 months to work though, so some collagen stimulators are not appropriate for those wanting an instant improvement in their appearance.

Most patients wanting to have a facial collagen stimulator treatment will need more than one treatment. A typical patient will have 2 vials (bottles) of liquid injected per session, and will require one bottle for every decade of age. ie a 60yr old patient would require 3 sessions of 2 vials, these are usually done 4-6 weeks apart.  A 50yo patient would require 5 bottles spread between 3 treatments..say 2 +2 + 1 bottle per session. Liquid butt lifting treatments require between 4-6 vials per session.

A gel collagen stimulator or a soft dermal filler is used to plump the backs of the hands, which is a very different, though still very popular, product from that described above. The use of liquid collagen stimulators in the hands, or any other paper thin area, can be fraught, as the skin is so thin. If used in areas off the face, the product must be extra well diluted. Collagen stimulating injections for the face are usually performed with fine needles (for deep injections) or microcannulas (for superficial injections).  The use of microcannulas will limit the risk of bruising, as well as the risk of blindness from accidental injection into a blood vessel.  The vast majority of treatment induced blindness recorded around the world shows that the highest risk occurs from fat grafting intra-operatively during plastic surgery procedures.

There has been much discussion over the last decade, in Australia especially, about the safety or lack of safety of some forms of collagen stimulators. Dr Teska has used the original liquid form of collagen stimulator for over 20 years, and has been informed of only three cases of minor adverse side effects in all that time.  These minor unevenness cases reported to Dr Teska have been very mild, palpable but not visible, transient and resolved completely without any cosmetic or medical sequelae. The current reconstitution guidelines, which evolved over the last 20yrs, has contributed greatly to enhanced patient safety.

There are overall far fewer doctors with experience in the use of collagen stimulators compared with the numbers currently injecting gel fillers. Many of the doctors (and nurses) now offering collagen stimulator treatments are very new to the concept of collagen stimulation, and have very limited, if any, experience in this field. It is concerning that many injectors new to collagen stimulators are without the additional insurance required, especially in view of the concern around the new guidelines which the TGA have been asked to investigate.

Due to the fact that collagen stimulator results are long lasting and cannot be dissolved if a problem is experienced, you should ensure that your treatment is done with an experienced collagen stimulator injector.

To see an example of one of our collagen stimulator patients, please see our blog page entry via this link.  We regret that due to TGA requirements to censor our website and blog articles, we are not able to mention the product by name.

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