Lip Feathering/ Thinning

As we age, our lips tend to flatten and thin. This affects the upper lip especially, and is made worse if associated with gum resorption and the loss of one’s natural teeth.

Most of the women Dr Teska treats are after discrete, natural looking results. Sometimes younger women seek a very full look that can look fabulous, but as a woman matures it is important to consider the overall facial appearance and the need for balance between eyes, cheeks and mouth.

Sculpting a woman’s lips is a skill that takes much practice, an artistic eye and excellent communication between patient and doctor. Dr Teska understands that these types of treatments have taken much consideration and often ultimately lead to an enormous improvement in self confidence.

It is also of paramount importance for patients to feel adequately anaesthetised during the procedure – after all, the lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Fortunately, Dr Teska provides patients with full dental anaesthetic, enabling the procedure to be done painlessly!

A full range of European dermal fillers are available to replace the loss of volume in the lips.  Many of these products now come with added local anaesthetic already incorporated into them. Dr Teska is able to inject these products painlessly, but also without causing bruising, thanks to the use of microcannulas, which are suitable for most clients.  We may also recommend the use of an anti-wrinkle injection around the mouth to reduce lip pursing and enhance apparent lip volume.

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Images: Supplied by Q-Med

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