Congested pores

Ever wondered exactly what is meant by the term “congested pores“?  You’re not alone.

Often this term is used in a very vague way by a variety of people to indicate a number of different problems..hence the confusion!

Generally speaking, congested pores are pores which have become unusually prominent in the skin due to a build up of keratin around the pore opening, which causes the pore to become dilated and more open, or possibly completely blocked.  In the latter example, the blocked pore may become so severely blocked that a white lump appears..known as milia or whiteheads.  In less severe examples of congested pores, the texture of the skin will just feel very rough and bumpy..a bit like the feel of a shark’s skin!

What is the significance of having congested pores?

The main significance is that it indicates that the turnover of the person’s skin is too slow for them.

When skin is congested in the longterm, it will place the person at much higher risk of developing chronic inflammation, acne or rosacea problems.  This is largely related to the development of bacteria (p. acnes) and/or mite (demodex) infestations of the outer dead skin layer. These can be easily detected with our Visia complexion analysis software.  It will also mean that skin becomes much duller and redder than it once was.

What is the treatment for congestion of the skin?

At Skin Temple we work closely as a team to provide the client with a variety of options.  Some of these options will be as simple as recommending an appropriate cleanser or exfoliant.  You may also require a prescription strength medicated product (such as our Refine cream) to regulate the rate at which your dead skin cells are turning over.  We also have a number of treatment options for the eradication of demodex mites.

Other effective treatments are Acne Treatment facials, Deluxe Microdermabrasion, Hydrafacial treatments or Chemical Peeling.

If you have significant redness in your skin, associated with the congestion of the pores, you may require some Laser Genesis or IPL to control it.

Each of these recommendations will depend on the severity of your problem, and whether you are willing to undergo some social downtime in order to get a faster result.

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