Skin Temple offers a wide range of Injectables Services including:


Dr Teska is one of Victoria’s most experienced injectors of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, having extensive experience since 2000. Skin Temple is proud to supply a range of European and American products to the public because we strongly believe in offering our clients a choice. All products used at Skin Temple are selected on the basis of effectiveness and long-term safety. We do not believe in injecting unregistered products, or in sourcing our products from any third world country that cannot demonstrate safety of manufacturing standards. We also don’t decant fillers into smaller syringes, or engage in misleading conduct by diluting them down with anaesthetic.

We provide:

  • Anti-wrinkle injections. Usually used to remove expression lines, such as frown lines, crows feet wrinkles and forehead lines, but also sometimes injected for the treatment of excessive sweating amongst other indications. The effect is not instant, and is variable, but is usually quite dramatic! Brands available include both types registered with the Australian government. Full effect is usually obtained after 10-14days. Duration is variable, but generally around 3-4 months. Side effects may include temporary pain from injection, temporary redness, temporary swelling, temporary bruising and in rare cases, a temporary eyelid or eyebrow droop can occur.
  • Lip enhancement/restoration injections. Your result can be as natural or as dramatic as you choose. Usually the choice of treatment is decided after careful discussion and consideration between the client and Dr Teska. Most clients will choose a treatment that is in harmony with their own natural features, rather than trying to imitate a particular fashionable or celebrity look. The most requested treatments are usually temporary naturally occurring gel based fillers. These are performed as a walk-in, walk-out procedure, using a complete dental anaesthetic block for thorough patient comfort. Most patients, when anaesthetized in this way, are pleasantly surprised by how painless the procedure actually is.

Dermal fillers are used to

  • Create natural looking lip volume and hydration (ie smooth lips!)
  • Enhancing the lip border to increase definition and minimise smokers lines
  • Lift downturned mouth corners
  • Replace lost volume to cheeks, chin and jawline contours
  • Lift deep folds
  • Improve skin hydration

Dermal filler can also be combined with other treatments, whether it’s to hydrate/revitalise your appearance, lift furrows/banish tell tale residual frown lines or fill lines (eg. nose to mouth lines) or simply diminish the fine lines above the lips caused by smoking or repeated pursing of the lips. In some cases, the combination of dermal filling and Ultrapulse CO2 laser resurfacing may be necessary for ultimate skin restoration in the upper lip area especially.

There has never been more choice for anyone considering non-surgical enhancement…the choice is all yours!

Facial Sculpting/Enhancement

Sunken cheeks occur to many, if not most, people with time, sometimes this is genetic, but at other times is due to significant weight loss. Instead of injecting fat, which is prone to unpredictable and asymmetrical results, many clients will choose to use either an instant effect dermal filler or a product which stimulates collagen formation. The latter product will take 6-12 months to reach it’s full effect, but is ideal for those who do not require an instant result and would like a longer term result (it lasts for approx 2-3 years). Volumising products on the other hand, give instant results, and last for 12-18months.

We also pride ourselves in offering exceptionally natural looking results for dark circle/tear trough filling. This procedure is usually done in stages using a combination of temporary (but long lasting) products. We often use microcannulas for the second stage of this procedure to prevent any bruising to the delicate skin around the eye area.

Click here to view an independent account of an undereye treatment from a satisfied Skin Temple client.

Skin Hydration

Several fillers can be used for improving the hydration of the skin. These products are usually used to treat fine crepey skin on the face, but can sometimes be used on the neck and decolletage too. They work, like all temporary dermal filling gel based products, to attract and bind water in the skin. The products are bio-identical to the body’s own naturally occurring acid, and therefore the risk of allergic reaction is extremely low. There is, however, preservative in all of the products, and therefore there is a rare chance of developing an allergic reaction. Dr Teska has never encountered any client in 20yrs who has had an allergic reaction to any of these products.


Please contact Skin Temple on (03) 9867 2992 for further information or to make an appointment for a consultation on any of these procedures. Unfortunately, due to Australian government restrictions we are not able to mention the products available by name. Brochures are available though and can be sent out on request to interested persons.

Why choose Skin Temple as your service provider?

Skin Temple is owned by an experienced female cosmetic physician, Dr Alicia Teska, with 22years of clinical cosmetic experience, including working with a cosmetic dermatologist.  Dr Teska has also completed post-graduate studies in the field of Dermatology, gaining a Certificate in Dermatology from Monash University in 2005.  All cosmetic injectable and laser procedures done at Skin Temple are performed only by trained, insured and experienced medical practitioners.

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