Hand rejuvenation

Hands are an often neglected part of our body, worthy of far more attention than they are frequently given.

For many people, hands will suffer from signs of ageing and neglect far more than the areas kept under wraps!


Common complaints heard at Skin Temple are from those reporting:

  • Pigmentation spots on the backs of the hands
  • Excessive thinning of the skin on the backs of the hands
  • Prominent veins on the hands
  • Dry skin and brittle nails


Treatments will often involve a combination of modalities, such as IPL or Medlite laser for pigment removal, collagen stimulators or dermal fillers for added skin thickness/volume, and strategies to reduce nail dryness and fragility.

Our current (Oct-Dec 2014) hand rejuvenation promotion involves the use of the gel collagen stimulators for volume replacement in the backs of the hands, and is 20% OFF.

Swelling, potential bruising and possible downtime from a hand rejuvenation procedure can be up to 2weeks, so please allow plenty of recovery time if you are contemplating having one of these procedures done.

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