Lumps, Bumps & Warts

Dr Teska’s interest in skin pathology also extends to the common problems of solar keratoses, superficial skin cancers and benign skin growths.

Skin biopsies are easily and quickly performed allowing for precise confirmation of diagnosis. Lesions can be either excised or may be suitable for photodynamic therapy.(PDT) Photodynamic therapy using 20% ALA followed by laser treatment is the revolutionary way to treat abnormal skin cells without risking scarring or permanent discolouration of the treated area.

Plantar warts are able to be treated according to the patient’s requirements. Immunotherapy pastes (DNCB) are available from Skin Temple for stubborn warts, and warts in difficult treatment areas (eg the sole of the foot, or over a joint eg Knee) can be treated with the Genesis laser! This treatment offers a rapid response to one of the most frustrating conditions! Most warts treated with laser will form a dark crust within 24hrs and subsequently drop off within 1-2 weeks. The laser is effective on warts because it selectively targets the blood supply to the wart, without affecting surrounding normal tissue. Sometimes more than one treatment may be necessary. Local anaesthetic is injected first, ensuring patient comfort.

Other lesions removed include skin tags, milia, seborrhoic warts/keratoses, Campbell de Morgan (cherry angioma) spots, lipomas, sebaceous cysts and others.

Medicare rebates are available for consultations related to any skin growth, and a limited number of rebates are available for some treatments, and for those conditions requiring surgical excision and repair.

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