Hand, Nail and Hair problems

Did you know that at Skin Temple we are also able to assist with a number of cosmetic problems affecting your hands, nails and hair..even short eyelashes and patchy eyebrows can be assisted by the medical treatment on offer.

Our Visia Gen6 skin analysis camera is even able to accurately record the length of your eyelashes prior to, during and after treatment..enabling you to easily see the result of your treatment! Please note that eyelash analysis is a new feature of the Visia Gen 6 and is not available on earlier versions of the Visia software.

Please see below for an example of the eyelash analysis, before and after treatment.  This example below is provided by Canfield Scientific Imaging, and is not of a Skin Temple client. It is not clear what treatment (possibly eyelash extensions?) the person in the photo has undergone, and individual results of clients undergoing medical treatment may vary from those see here.  The Visia result will give an overview of lash length and a comparative score against 100 other individuals the same age and skin type taken from around the world.

A screen of the Visia Gen6 skin analysis camera

Some of the common hand, nail and hair problems seen at Skin Temple are related to

  • Fungal nail infections, especially of the feet
  • Recurrent dandruff (also known as Seborrhoeic dermatitis)
  • Hair thinning (female pattern hair loss), demodex scalp infections causing chronic scalp itch and excessive hair loss
  • Weathered/dull and damaged hair
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